* Game now supports keyboard controls. Enter the calibration grave to select them. *

This is a game about making scary sounds while pretending to be a ghost. It uses your microphone as a control element.

I can't tell you how to live your life, and any sound will make your ghost float. But its more fun if you make a spooky "oooOOOOoooOOOooooooo" sound.

Development log


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Seems that it has no handling for lack of microphone.

bundle.js:7668 Unhandled rejection NotFoundError: Requested device not found    (No stack trace)From previous event:    at promiseMic (https://v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1116271/oooOOoo/bundle.js:44845:12)    at Object.promiseVolumeTracker (https://v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1116271/oooOOoo/bundle.js:44923:12)    at Object.13../Alley.json (https://v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1116271/oooOOoo/bundle.js:5260:16)    at s (https://v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1116271/oooOOoo/bundle.js:1:254)    at e (https://v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1116271/oooOOoo/bundle.js:1:425)    at https://v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1116271/oooOOoo/bundle.js:1:443
printWarning @ bundle.js:7668

Unfortunately, a microphone is required.

But, here is a version where you can use the up/space/w keys to simulate a binary microphone input:


Have fun!

crashes in the exact same way.

Give it a try again (you may need to clear your cache to get the browser to load the new javascript).